Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Engineering the bridge

Ok I'm not as savvy as I think I sometimes wish I was. And so I created a separate blog for all of my writing. There will not be social commentaries or notes like these on the blog, but, there will be place for people to comment on what they think.

This works for me, I can babble on this one, and show a more serious focused side through
"My tangled thoughts...."

Anyway the link is at the bottom of this blog.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movin on, creativity train chugging through

It has been a while since I started blogging... what.. 3 months? I'm finding it hard to write.. weird for a site titled "Writers Block Solutions"... but it's true.

I had planned to do some writing, put it out there, hopefully someone would be honest about what it meant to them, for them, and I could take the feedback and move on. I put on a couple of new things, and began thinking about the older things I wrote.. back in the

But then when I went to find it.. it was missing. So basically I spent the last 2 and a half months wandering around my house like a tabby on mouse patrol. Slinking around the corners and crevices of my abode looking and sniffing around in the dusty places to find what I had lost.

Success. I found it. A collection of works of mine which had been put together for me as a Christmas present in 2004. My wife is so thoughtful. The inscription stated that she herself could not write, though has experienced my writing and wishes me to continue.

Almost 5 yrs later and the items in that book have either been forgotten or have not been furthered (prose, poetry, fiction, non) . Most of it I intend to just be posted.. some of it I will tinker with, and some will continue to be forgotten.

Its a cold sunny day, and I have much work to do outside of this, but I hope to have a few things added before the day is done. Happy reading.