Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things we take for granted...

This week was a tough one. My little one was ill, I too fought the bug.
Its a hard thing to watch a child of your own fight an invisible battle, one that is only seen through the noisey cough and sneezes they produce. This fight, this battle, is one a parent has to sit by and wait to be finished. The medications take their time in bringing aid to the battle field, all the while you sit and wait on the sidelines. Not knowing if said meds are going to work you try to produce the silly sounds and dances that will normally bring about a glowing smile and a lot of laughter, and you hope that through the silent minutes between coughs and sneezes that you can bring that little face to shine and to laugh.

I realized this week that as we grow older, and watch our loved ones grow past their prime, edging on the twilight of our lives, we try and do similar things for them. Again awaiting the effects of the medications, and again sitting on the sidelines while the elderly fight their invisible enemies. The battle was too great for a dear friend of our family. We will miss Marion profoundly. She brought a light, a shining character to our little family. She was a feisty lady with deep laugh and smile lines. She lived a good life. We are proud to have been a part of it.

The two events seemingly simliar, have such different connections for me. Personally, a young child fighting invisible battles brings about the hope and knowledge that this fight will bring about a victory, one that will make my little one stronger, increase her ability to fight in the future. There is hope in this fight.

The battle the elderly fight often creates in us the feeling of inevitability, or of frailty, of defeat. Though, during this week I felt none of this. I felt a calmness, a strength beyond strengths, a knowing conclusion agreed upon by Marion and whom ever may be waiting for her. Dignity was with her.

So I think hope can be found in our fight, no matter what life stage we are in. I know I have grown from this experience this week. I hope to bring this new found knowledge with me as I too grow into the inevitable dusk of my life.

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