Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23

There's always the feeling of anticipation this time of year.
When you see the switching of the Halloween decorations in the stores you know only too well that consumerism lives, despite any indication otherwise by the media, and their constant talk of financial cutbacks and hardships.

I wish on times I lived at a more traditional time. One that wasn't dictated by 'the haves and have nots' and the fear that if you do not keep up with the Jones' you will be as obsolete as the 8 Track player your father used to (still does) own. I didn't grow up the way young people of today have. With their gadgets and technology, their indepth sense of style and the knowledge that to get the style you must have as Paris Hilton has, or whoever may be in the social power position for young people (TI, Chris Brown etc.. the list is long). We recieved things we needed moreso than things we wanted. And we understood, that despite St. Nick being able to answer some of our wishes, he too had limits.

The reality is that there has been lost a sense of connectedness over decades. Loss of pride, of self, of family, of community. A friend of mine has found these in an area not too familiar to many of us. Indonesia and surrounding area. Its a long ways from Western Canada, and even from his no longer new dwelling place of Nova Scotia. He has prospered in this new found region with his new found life philosophies. To have to leave all that you know so that you can learn more about you is a tough journey. But, without it many of us will never venture the road of 'nosce teipsum' (*know thyself).

I think this is the season to truly delve into the meaning of ourselves. What is important in our lives and how we maintain those important (usually people) items. It is now, in this season of wonderment, of hope, and possibilities that we can see the positives and begin to forgive those who have some how wronged us. To blossom anew and to make new the focus of our life .. even if it is only until the next eve of the New Year.

Here's to good company (friends and family), good food, and good memories this festive season.
Feliz Novidad!

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