Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ran out of things to say...

So late Friday night, early Saturday morning I decided to delete a post. It was not significant, thus it didn't get posted, though the time stamp appeared.
I thought this strange, a little spooky. My thoughts.. as insignificant as they were at the time had significance in that particular space and time. Enough significance that it got posted.

Do we give significance to things some times that do not require the attention we believe they deserve? I think we all do. Whether it's to question someone about their motive or reaction, or to simply indicate we do not agree with a thing said or a thing done. So, like my blog on Dec 27, it gets some form of acknowledgement some form of acceptance. Deserved or not.

I guess being in the moment really means being in that very moment. That with understanding there is context and content that is articulated well enough for someone else to understand, to give value to it, and to its speaker/writer.

Here's to the moments spent on blogging... the one writing and the one reading.

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