Monday, January 12, 2009

Edited Minds

The year of technology has slowly been each and every year.
We now come online to feel connected.

Does that seem strange to people?
Being an 80's kid, we spent all of our time outside with our friends and the neighbour's dogs.
That was being connected. That was cool and fun and man it made us tired at the end of the day.
We didn't have mobile phones, or bluetooths, we had Star Wars and Care Bears, The Smurfs and Atari.

Gone are the days when technology was a fad (8 Tracks and Beta Machines - better than VHS but it didn't stick). Technology was something everyone feared because of books like 1984 and the fact that you couldn't fix them if you tried. Now, everyone and their dog has a cell phone, a PDA, a pager, a blackberry and for what? Seriously.

People only began using them out of necessity, now they are not optional. We cannot begin our day without checking something online - weather, traffic, school report, sports, stocks, etc.
What's wrong with "THE NEWS" - it comes on hourly on a television station near you. Passee you say? Maybe, but it's a real person telling you these things.

Time is short, and I'd rather spend it with real people.

You can keep your cell, pager, blackberry and I'll keep my sense of dignity, self security, and sanity. For if I had one of those things, I would likely be the same as everyone else.
Unable to have a conversation with a person, only able to text them or call their cell..... and is that something I want to have to depend on? My mind and mouth work just fine thank you...

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