Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inspired Youth

I speak to those who need to listen
They look on as if no one speaks

I listen to their (e)motion
Restless in their thoughts
Restless in ..... themselves
Constantly moving

Inspired by their journey
Inspired by their lack of stillness
Listless souls not yet formed
Restless selves fighting the norms

Having become still
Realizing it was my will
Inspired by their determined ... voices
Chanting their desire to be thrilled

Rushing ever slowly forward
Fighting the urge to look back
Inspired by their determined.... thoughts
Wishing yet to continue their journey

Listless souls ever morphing
Created from necessity
Creating from inward mobility
Fighting morbidity, reality

Once realized they are where they wished
Once realized they determined their fate
Once still
Forward slowly ever rushing

Inspired by their will to "be"
Inspired by what I believe I can be
Once still
They become the speaker to an audience who looks on as if no one speaks.

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